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Wild Stargazing Workshop: Astronomy + The Cosmic Perspective – 11th June 2017


Sunday 11th June 2017 2-5pm
Venue: Holyrood Park & Century General Store, Edinburgh

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Taking the time to look up at the night sky can be a humbling and magical experience.

But what are we looking into when we look up and where are we within the vastness of space?

Join Living Alive on an afternoon ‘Wild Stargazing’ workshop and explore the basics of astronomy in an accessible and inspiring way, bringing the wonders of the night sky to life!
Learn about our place in the universe and explore the solar system; discover the northern hemisphere constellations and why they change through the course of the year as well as the movements of the moon and the changing seasons as we meander together through Holyrood Park.


First, we’ll take a walk together around Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park, learning about different elements of the night sky along the way.

Arthur’s Seat is an ancient volcano, located in the heart of Edinburgh. We love this fantastic wild asset to the city; at 251m above sea-level, it offers a generous diversity of terrain and a 360-degree vantage point from which to gain some headspace & a wider perspective from high up above the urban environment.

Then, we will meander our way together to Century General Store in Abbeyhill, to finish our workshop in the upstairs. We’ll enjoy a few slides and a short film, learn about a few handy tools for budding amateur astronomists and still have plenty of time for questions, discussion & tasty treats downstairs.

Meeting Point

We’ll meet just outside the public entrance to the Scottish Parliament building at 2pm. Please try to arrive on time to allow for a prompt start.

What do you need to bring?

We will mainly be walking on established paths & trails around Holyrood Park, however, please wear adequate footwear for off-path terrain, bring a warm windproof jacket, and suncream or waterproofs if the weather forecast looks like you might need them.


This unique workshop is brought to you by Rupert & Elle, the Living Alive team. Rupert is our in-house Astronomy & Stargazing expert. Passionate about the sense of perspective a better understanding of the night sky can bring; Rupert has been running Wild Stargazing workshops for organisations such as Wilderness Scotland, The University of the Highlands & Islands, and the British Association of Mountain Leaders for the last 10 years.


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