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How we do things: Our Values

Ecological Mindset

As advocates for a healthy and regenerative world, we strive to do business that is positive for both people and planet. A 1% for the Planet organisation, Living Alive is deeply committed to creating experiences that are aligned to our ecological values in concept, planning and delivery; from choices of food and equipment, to working with venues that have a policy of environmental respect. We also not only ensure there is a viable (& enjoyable!) ecological travel option to all of our destinations, but encourage you to prioritise nature by offering our eco-travel discount.


Our experience and competence ensure that we move through wild landscapes safely and gracefully, with deep respect and a minimal impact. Being fully insured, highly qualified and experienced outdoor professionals, with a wide range of expertise, is key to the quality of your experience, and as such, we continue to maintain our skills with ongoing continuing professional development.

Quality + Care

We believe in doing things well. It’s all in the details; the time and effort put into the research and choice of destination and itinerary, the level of thought and care we put into crafting our experiences, and the authenticity and integrity with which we deliver them. We value quality and simplicity, and our aim is that people have a comfortable yet real outdoor experience.

“The only thing that matters is everything.”

David Hieatt, Do Purpose

The Key Ingredients of a Living Alive experience

“It is precisely by acting on our intentions and staying true to our values that we change the world.”

– Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc.