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Website Image Credits

We met photographer Mike Guest through mutual friends in Edinburgh, and quickly connected over our shared love for adventures and the natural world. He seems to have become Living Alive’s first go-to photographer, and we’re very grateful for all his help! See more of Mike’s work here.

The header image on Our Reason for Being page comes from NASA’s ‘Image of the Day’ gallery; a super inspiring resource, which we highly recommend checking out. The background image to David Attenborough’s quote is a painting by visionary 19th century painter and theosophist Nicholas Roerich.

For a small, relatively new company, without a whole archive of pictures up our sleeves, the Unsplash photography community has been an invaluable resource. Thank you to the following photographers for the use of their work: Kristof Vizy, Joris Voeten, Alex Gindin, Sebastian Pichler, Hermes Rivera, Ichsan, Aaron Burden, Zekedrone, Dan Edwards, Austin Ban, Jens Johnsson, Joshua Earle, Caleb Woods, Holly Mandarich, Ze Zorzan, Axel van der Donk, Paul Jarvis, Ivana Cajina, Ergyn Meshekran, Kawin Harasai, David von Diemar, Artur Luczka, Bas von Anholt, Felix Lam.