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Research, resources, inspiration, and updates from Living Alive HQ.

Rooted in our Interdependence – a guest blog for B Lab UK

To celebrate Living Alive’s recent achievement as a ‘Best for the World’ honoree in the Environment category, Elle was invited to write a guest blog for B Lab UK. She took the chance to explore the “whole new way of thinking” which underlies the change we seek…

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Regenerative Leaders Fireside Gatherings

What does it mean to be human, alive and committed to leading for positive change in these turbulent and extraordinary times?

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You might have noticed that we’ve started to use a new hashtag to accompany our work. Increasingly it feels like a simple but heartfelt way to sum up why we do the work that we do…

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Regenerative Business Summer Social!

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our first Regenerative Business Summer Social – Living Alive style in a hidden wildlife garden in the heart of Edinburgh.

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