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You might have noticed that we’ve started to use a new hashtag to accompany our work. Increasingly it feels like a simple but heartfelt way to sum up why we do the work that we do…

To us, For the love of life on Earth speaks to bigger picture. We created Living Alive to offer experiences that help people feel a sense of their belonging and interdependence with the natural world, and therefore become catalysed to look after it better.

In the turbulent and extraordinary times we’re living in, it feels important to remember as much as we can that this work isn’t about “saving the planet” (the Earth will carry on just fine after we’re gone), or indeed saving humankind, but more about cultivating a sense of awe, respect and reverence for the extraordinary diversity, complexity and sheer beauty of multicellular, intelligent life on Earth as it has developed over the last 4.5 billion years.

As far as the scientists and astrophysicists tell us: there is nowhere else in the Universe like Planet Earth. So as we start to become more fully aware and feel the effects of anthropogenically induced climate and ecological breakdown, our impulse and invitation is to fall in love with and be awe-struck by life on Earth, time and time again.

Whether or not we humans, as just one species in the web of life on Earth, will make it out the other side of the 6th mass extinction; we cannot know. But what we can do here, now, everyday, is take action towards protecting, restoring and regenerating the life on Earth around us – as Charles Eisenstein simply says “find something you love and take care of it“.

The real work here is, as Emily Johnson writes:how many of Earth’s beauties can we help to survive the passage into the next era?”.