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The Natural Change Project

The Natural Change Project

Between 2014-2016 Rupert undertook the Natural Change Facilitators Training, a methodology which informs our approach to working with people in nature.

Initially developed by Dave Key in 2003, after a transformative experience whilst rock climbing in California, Natural Change is a unique facilitation approach to stimulating and supporting profound changes in ourselves and how we act in the world.

It differs from other approaches to education and training for sustainability by creating conditions in outdoor experiences where participants realise, in ways that no amount of “book learning” can offer, our interdependency with the Earth. As a result they are naturally inspired to live out the implications of this realisation – without feeling duty-bound, or morally obliged.

In 2009 & 2011 the WWF commissioned a series of studies to explore how immersive nature-based experiences can catalyse sustainability leadership.

Dave Key is a friend, mentor and collaborator to Living Alive.

  Click here to read the WWF 2011 report
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