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Rooted In Our Interdependence – A Guest Blog For B Lab UK

Rooted in our Interdependence – a guest blog for B Lab UK

To celebrate Living Alive’s recent achievement as a ‘Best for the World’ honoree in the Environment category, Elle was invited to write a guest blog for B Lab UK. She took the chance to explore the “whole new way of thinking” which underlies the change we seek…

“Cultivate that more intangible, but vitally important felt sense of interdependence with life on this planet that we all call home; you will be a better business leader for it. For if we wish to navigate the turbulent and extraordinary times ahead with integrity, and to think about our business choices in a new way which benefits all for the long term; our actions and leadership will need to be deeply rooted in a sense of interdependence with, and love for, all life on Earth.”

Read the full article over on B Lab UK’s Reinventing Business blog

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