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Host an Earthrise dinner party

If you joined us on the #moreAwe tour, you’ll know all about the extraordinary photograph Earthrise. Here’s an opportunity to host your own ‘Earthrise Dinner’ and help more people reflect on a planetary perspective.

The Path Ahead

A report from REI, in collaboration with Futerra, which paints a picture of what could happen if we become the world’s first indoor species.

We Are Ocean

Since the broadcasting of the second series of the BBC’s Blue Planet back in December 2017, we have seen a huge increase in concern and awareness about the global ocean plastics crisis.

1% for the Planet

We’re proud to announce that Living Alive just entered its second year as a business member of 1% for the Planet!


USA outdoor gear co-op REI are often leading the way in terms of aligning their actions with their values as a responsible business.