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We Declare A Climate Emergency.

We declare a climate emergency.

The mainstream awareness and engagement on the rapidly converging crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss is reaching a tipping point.

On the back of recent momentum built by Extinction Rebellion, School Strike 4 Climate, David Attenborough speaking up on the BBC and the release of the latest IPCC climate change and UN IPBES biodiversity reports – this April the Scottish and UK governments have at last declared a climate emergency.

How this translates into action? Only time will tell. But it’s up to each and every individual and organisation to do their part in committing to taking positive action towards a more regenerative future.

At Living Alive we’ve decided to make our declaration and commitment to this action visible using the climate emergency declaration logo created by fellow UK B Corp Leap.

Together, we need to do all we can to keep emissions down to a 1.5 degree increase or less, with a target of zero carbon by 2030. Visit for more information about the logo and to find out how businesses are stepping up to their role in urgently redesigning entire industries and businesses, using science-based targets to meet this goal.