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Build connection.
Find perspective.
Feel restored.

Experience the personal & professional benefits of Living Alive for business teams.

Take a break from the desks, screens & the hustle of the city, and discover the perspectives, insights and inspiration that come from getting outside.

Whether you’re a company management team in need of fresh perspective, an HR manager looking for a meaningful staff away-day, a group of colleagues from a co-working hub looking to connect, or you’re part of a creative team at the start of a new project; we offer a full range of bespoke, out-of-the-ordinary experiences to help you and your team enjoy a change of environment.

Professional Benefits

We invite you out of the office, to escape the city for a while. Take a walk in a wild landscape, cook & share food around the campfire. Make some space to reflect, gathering insights and inspiration from time in nature. Go to sleep under the stars & wake up in the morning to the sound of the breeze.

Living Alive offers a range of high-quality, fully-organised and gently facilitated, bespoke nature-based experiences, to meet the needs of you and your team. From our microadventures, which take the spirit and key elements of an adventure and squeezes them into under 24 hours just 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh, to our immersive 3-7 day wilderness experiences further afield in the Scottish Highlands and French Pyrenees. All you need to do is turn up ready for an adventure and let us handle the rest.


“I’m so impressed by your infectious enthusiasm and relaxed approach. Thank you so much, I don’t think you will grasp just how great a day it’s been – it was touching, moving and a real ‘epiphany’ light bulb moment that I’ll always remember.”

– Stargazing participant

“Well done, I hope you keep it up! The look on peoples’ faces after your demonstration was amazing; definitely their 'eureka' moment. Thank you for a wonderful experience. The day passed far too quickly.”

– Stargazing participant

“I had an amazing, relaxing, starry night on the Microadventure. I found it inspiring that with an hour's journey you can escape the city and be in the lap of nature, get some distance from everything, clear out the mind and then go back to the city in no time. Thanks to you guys I had a brilliant first time camping experience and it has given me the confidence to try it out again!"

– Richa S

“My Microadventure experience was inspiring, fun, memorable. I was looking forward to sleeping outside in the open air and the opportunity to learn about wild camping from people who know what they are doing... ALL my expectations were surpassed!"

– Steve H

“Living Alive put together a very special event for us. The location was perfect, the food delicious and the atmosphere wonderful! Rupert and Elle are lovely people to spend time with; you feel completely safe and looked after. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

– Julia M