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Living Alive offers a range of experience-led services for leaders, teams, projects, businesses and organisations across the UK and Europe to catalyse systemic shifts in awareness, values and behaviours, that can help position you and your organisation on the leading edge of the emerging culture change.

The Workshop, our Three Days Deep nature-based experiences and Awe Intervention Consultancy all harness the unique combination of our professional outdoor expertise, an awe-inspired planetary perspective, and our belief in purpose-driven business as a key component towards building a more beautiful, regenerative world.

The Workshop

– 1 OR 2 DAYS –

Interdisciplinary workshops designed to provoke a fresh awareness of the world and our place within it – and catalyse an empowered response.

Three Days Deep

– 3 TO 5 DAYS –

An immersive, deep-dive experience in a wild place that peels back the distractions of modern life, giving your team a leap forward as agents for positive change. 

Awe Intervention


Could your team benefit from a regular disruption of the status quo? Our awe interventions help place a planetary perspective at the centre of your work.

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The Workshop

How might we accelerate business-for-good when inspired by the bigger picture?

Designed in response to each individual organisations needs, challenges and opportunities; Living Alive’s perspective-shifting workshops provoke a radical awareness of the world and our place within it. We aim to catalyse clarity about how you can best serve the culture shift that’s underway, and help you to activate an empowered response.

Our half, one or two-day workshops weave together a unique inter-disciplinary set of inspiration, tools and experiences.

Expect a good dose of nature, detours into latest mind-blowing behavior change science, a journey through the cosmos, adventure, shared stories and collaborative co-creative processes, all set to the backdrop of business as a power-for-good.

This is a short, sharp reality check, designed to spark curiosity and an awe-inspired mindset for leaders, creative teams, entrepreneurs and changemakers alike – inviting a radical new awareness of your relationship to yourself, your work and the world as a whole.


“I’m so impressed by your infectious enthusiasm and relaxed approach. Thank you so much, I don’t think you will grasp just how great a day it’s been – it was touching, moving and a real ‘epiphany’ light bulb moment that I’ll always remember.”

– Workshop client

Three Days Deep

How might we make the space and cultivate the conditions for a new, more regenerative system to emerge?

Three Days Deep is an immersive, experience-led programme that we offer in the Scottish Highlands and French Pyrenees, designed to accelerate your team and business in becoming a force for good in the world.

These days, spending more time indoors, in cities and online, it’s easy to become increasingly disconnected from who we are and what we are a part of. Now, more than ever, we need to switch off the wifi, head outside and get some perspective.

The fact of the matter is, our culture is only “three days deep”. When we invest the time to peel back the layers of our modern demands, distractions and cultural conditioning, they drop away to make space for us to shift our mindset, and nurture personal wellbeing, social inter-connection and our sense of belonging in the natural world.

This programme combines a sense of adventure; seeking out extraordinary landscapes, walking, wild swimming, making fires and spending time out under the stars, with opportunities for guided reflective ‘solo’ nature time, and a carefully curated and gently facilitated selection of awe-inspired tools, content and interventions. It’s something we’ve found to be a potent mix.

Having worked professionally in the outdoors for the last 15 years, we know a thing or two about crafting the context and conditions for transformative nature-based experiences. So let us help you take a step back from the day-to-day, to EXPERIENCE the social and ecological values we all need to cultivate – for the benefit of people, planet AND profit.


“Living Alive put together a very special event for us. The location was perfect and the atmosphere wonderful! Rupert and Elle are lovely people to spend time with; you feel completely safe and looked after. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Julia M, bespoke retreat

Awe Intervention

How might we make our work more meaningful every single day?

As disruptor-in-chief Mark Shaylor says If it ain’t broke. Break it.

To limit global warming to 1.5°c will require rapid change to all human systems. In this coming wave of change, it will be the leaders and organisations who are courageous, adaptable and think bigger, who will to lead the way. With a world of converging crises on our hands, disruption is soon to be the new normal. It’s time to lean into the change and challenges we face to discover extraordinary opportunities, and take a leap forward in building a more regenerative culture.

A shift in culture requires a shift in both thinking and behaviour. A change that isn’t necessarily going to happen overnight. As we learn to let go of the story of separation we’ve been operating within; approaching life and work with a sense of awe and cultivating a planetary perspective, are powerful tools to support, inspire and motivate us as we develop a new narrative.

As regenerative behaviour change practitioners, Living Alive can:

  • Provide bespoke, disruptive, awe-interventions to help your team stay connected to the bigger picture.
  • Collaborate on a specific project as one part of a multi-disciplinary faculty – bringing #moreawe to the team and vision whenever it’s most needed.
  • Engage your ecological values. Supporting you to take all stakeholders into account in your decisions – including the Living Planet itself!
  • Shift perspectives and shake up your thinking. Helping you stay on track to play your role in creating a more beautiful world.

“When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created by the few who are not afraid to be insecure”

– Rudolf Bahro