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Talks + Workshops

Lasting anywhere between 1 hour and a full-day, here is an opportunity to get a inspiring and engaging taster of what Living Alive is all about.

Awe, Wonder + Wild Stargazing:
Finding perspective in modern times

A unique and perspective shifting talk and workshop from Living Alive

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of one the most important photographs ever taken; Earthrise a NASA image that provoked humanity to see itself and its place on Planet Earth in a whole new way.

To celebrate, Living Alive is offering a series of interactive talks and workshops at festivals, conferences, businesses and other venues around the UK; thought-provoking shots of perspective and inspiration, that use simple astronomy and stargazing as a focus, along with some simple, practical tips for how to bring more awe and wonder into daily life.

Awe is good for you. The emerging research shows that cultivating more awe in our lives can have hugely positive effects on our wellbeing, happiness, creativity, sense of purpose and social connection. Experiences of awe and wonder can help to remind us of what’s important and what it means to be a human being, living on this remarkable little planet called Earth, floating in the vastness of outer space.

Caught up in our busy modern world, spending more time indoors, in cities and online, there often isn’t much space left for reflecting on the ‘bigger picture’. At Living Alive we believe that taking the time to look at both our life and work from this wider perspective can have profound effects on the choices we make, for the benefit of both people and planet.


Living Alive’s Awe, Wonder + Wild Stargazing talk/workshop can last anywhere between 1 hour and a full day. We can offer it presented on stage as a talk or combined with a ‘solarsystem walk’ outdoors for a more immersive and interactive experience of the cosmic perspective, that helps us grasp a sense of scale and a fresh appreciation for this ‘pale blue dot’ we call home.

The talk/workshop can take place inside, outdoors and at any time of day (no starry skies required!), and it’s suitable for all ages and many different contexts; be it at a festival, conference, community event or even in the office.