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We are in the business of aliveness.

Aliveness [əˈlaɪvnəs]

Noun. Definition:

  1. The state of being alive; exuberance, joy, intensity
  2. An experience of wider connection; feeling aware and engaged in the present moment

“I spent the night sleeping out under the milky way and felt a renewed sense of Aliveness”

Synonyms: wonder, awe, inspiration, vitality, awakeness, full of life, fully alive, flow
Antonyms: dead, lifeless, dormant, stagnant, dispirited, devoid of meaning, predictable

A Living Alive experience is unlike any other. An undefinable combination of a holiday, a workshop, a retreat, and an adventure – we offer a departure from mainstream adventure travel towards a more thoughtful outdoor experience.

Working with individuals, groups and organisations; Living Alive experiences combine our love for hiking, wild swimming, great food, campfires and sleeping out under the stars, with plenty of space for personal reflection, meaningful conversation, and time to take in the bigger picture.

We believe that quality time in wild places, sparked with some gentle facilitation, can be a power for good in the world.

Our commitment is to help people reconnect to what matters most, by crafting soulful experiences that make you feel clearer, connected and more alive.

What people say…

“Your kindness, thoughtfulness, knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement have made this trip so enjoyable. Thank you for making us believe that no matter how distant it appears, every mountain top is within reach!”

– Taf

“Thank you for an amazing trip! Thanks for your patience, your humour, your positive energy, endless enthusiasm and willingness to teach, to talk, to share and to listen. It’s been wonderful.”

– Casey

“This entire trip has reminded me of what is important, and I have not felt so much like myself for a while. I’m looking forward to going home mentally refreshed, and ready to jump back into my life. It has been a great honour and privilege to have you as a guide.”

– Kendra

“Thank you very much for leading us on such a wonderful adventure. Your professionalism was outstanding and I just loved your stories & sense of humour! I will treasure memories from this trip for the rest of my life.”

– Julia H

“Living Alive put together a very special event for us. The location was perfect, the food delicious and the atmosphere wonderful! Rupert and Elle are lovely people to spend time with; you feel completely safe and looked after. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

– Julia M